Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange, approved by Shanghai Municipal Government, is an international comprehensive market platform for the transactions in the fields of environment and energy. Based in Shanghai and serving the whole country and the world, SEEE is also a specialized equity-capital market platform for the transactions of asset rights, creditor’s rights, stock rights, IPR and etc focusing on environment and energy.
Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange is mainly engaged in the transactions of technological property rights, equity and capital from pollutant discharge reduction, environmental protection, energy and energy- saving. SEEE could undertake the transactions and confer the certificate of transactions of equities approved by the government.

Backed by China’s biggest property exchange – Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange, Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange offers a package of services for equity owner, business suppliers, research and investment organizations, business ranging from consultation on energy -saving and pollutants discharge reduction, project-designing, project appraisal, business planning, marketing, fund operation, financing and technology supporting.  
Adopting the membership system, SEEE is exploring a new market mechanism to promote the energy-saving and pollutant discharge reduction so as to build a complete transaction chain linking technologies, capital and equity in accordance with the requirements of Clean Development Mechanism.

Under the support of government, adhering to the scientific development principle, Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange is expanding the domestic and international co-operation and exchange in the fields of environment and energy to build an energy-saving, environmental-friendly society for a greener China and a better world.